Soundaware A1Pro Streaming Music Player Roon DLNA Airplay ( Standard ไม่มีช่องเสียบหูฟังด้านหน้า )

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Soundaware A1Pro National Multifunctional Streaming Music Player Roon DLNA Airplay SD Card DSD256 PCM384 The Distortion as low as 0.0005%


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Soundaware  A1Pro Streaming Music Player

Soundaware A1Pro is based on the A1 and uses 70% of the analog filtering and amplification circuits of the A300. At the same time, it draws many experiences from the official development board of the AKM flagship. 

Extremely high-precision filtering and full DC circuit make the distortion of line-level output reach a staggering 0.0005% This extremely low number exceeds the output specifications of many DACs using the same AKM4497 chip.

It may be unclear to many fans that the AKM chip distortion indicators are difficult to achieve. Even with the voltage output flagship AKM4497 chip, the line-level distortion (THD+N) is rarely less than 0.0005%, let alone the AKM4490 used in the Soundaware A1Pro

The Soundaware A1Pro has a significantly improved decoding ability, 192khz coaxial, and fiber input, and fully balanced XLR output has been added. The output level voltage has also increased. XLR 4.8VRMS, and RCA 2.4V RMS. 





Front interface


  1. 4.4mm fully balanced headphone output        
  2. 6.35mm single-ended headphone output

Side interface

SD*1: theoretical support maximum 2TB, actual measurement 512GB, support FAT32, exFAT, and NTFS


Rear interface

  1. USB*2 (power supply 500ma*2): support USB1.0, USB1.1, USB2.0, compatible with USB3.0, support hard disks higher than 2TB (single partition capacity needs to be less than 2TB) 
  2. LAN interface: 100Mbps full-duplex, support network NAS (Samba), UPNP/DLNA, ROON, etc.
  3. HIFI Bluetooth: Based on the FPGA active input clock to the Bluetooth module to synthesize IIS, the Sound is significantly more stable and true, almost consistent with lossless playback, and the Sound can be better optimized on mobile phones that support APTX.
  4. USB interface/DAC: FPGA-based USB high-performance interface/DAC, supporting 32~192khz, DSD 64~dsd128
  5.  RCA coaxial input: 0.5V pp, support 16-24bit, 44.1khz-192khz PCM input
  6. Optical fiber input: support 16-24bit, 44.1khz-96khz PCM input
  7. RCA coaxial output: 0.5V pp, support 16-24bit, 44.1khz-192khz PCM, DSD64 DOP output
  8. Optical fiber output: support 16-24bit, 44.1khz-96khz PCM output
  9. RCA*2: 2.4VRMS with volume control 
  10. XLR*2: 4.8VRMS with volume control
  11.  Power supply

A1Pro (XLR line output):

Distortion (THD+N): 0.0005x%

Frequency response: 20~20khz (+-0.2dB)

Dynamic ratio: 117dB


A1Pro amp output

Distortion (THD+N): 0.0007x%

  • Output Power (6.35mm)
  • 16Ω 305mw*2
  • 32Ω 693mw*2
  • 100Ω 500mw*2
  • 300Ω 188mw*2
  • Output Power (4.4mm)
  • 16Ω 308mw*2
  • 32Ω 627mw*2
  • 100Ω 2000mw*2
  • 300Ω 750mw*2


Software Optimization

In terms of software functions, A1Pro is also rich. Enjoy the Sound and XMOS based on the FPGA optimized clock USB input interface; the sound effect is very close to the live performance; the highest can support DSD256 and 384khz.

Enjoy Sound is based on FPGA, actively inputting the clock to the Bluetooth module to synthesize IIS. When using the HIFI Bluetooth function, the Sound is significantly more stable and true, almost consistent with lossless playback, and the Sound can be optimized on APTX-enabled mobile phones.

As a webcast, the network interface is of great significance to A1Pro. Can support network NAS, DLNA LAN, and WAN push and control, such as foobar, 8player, BubbleUPnP, and other software, also supports Apple's Airplay. Besides, it also fully supports Roon ready, PCM384khz, and DSD256, so that whether offline music management or online Qobuz, HQplayery, and Tidal can be supported.


Network Support


A1Pro has all the functions of A1, and the firmware part also continues the latest A1 firmware. Support DLNA remote control, Airplay, Roonready, NAS, etc., support the latest stable firmware global loop, sound source memory, memory playback, seamless playback, and other new features that A1 users like to use.

A1Pro is available in a standard version and a true balanced amp version. The colors are black, silver, and blue. The three colors' prices are the same, but the blue color is limited to 50 units and will be sold to previous buyers. 


Download Firmware ที่นี่


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