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MR1 is a portable, desktop function. It can use in the desktop, portable, car, home HI-FI system and other scenes, with high-fidelity Bluetooth, headphone amp energy pump and other unique features of the mobile flagship full-balanced network player, devoted to the enjoyment of six years of dedicated and tireless efforts. Mobile Reference One Desktop flagship webcast and reference portable integration


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Full scene application

  • As a portable network mobile player, it can be controlled by the mobile app
  • Open high-performance mode, drive effect like a desktop player.
  • USB external power supply, uninterrupted use

USB DAC, connected to the desktop PC-HIFI system

  • Connect the home speaker system to use
  • A variety of options, controlled by the phone or tablet
  • As a car audio source, you can use a mobile phone to control: MR1 3.5mm OUT → AUX IN

A variety of interfaces in all kinds of scenes

  • 1. Supports XLR (based on SAW_Link) and 3.5mm to RAC line out output
  • 2. Supports coaxial and high-end native balanced IIS & DSD digital output based on Saw_Link
  • 3. Supports single-ended and full-balanced, two power modes, 2 * 3 gain amp mode (coaxial/linear output + docking)
  • 4. Support for PCM & DSD based on XMOS USB DAC playback
  • 5. Support dual TF card (each 200G) and universal USB charging, copy music files

Variety of control methods, rich wireless applications

  • Soundaware FPGA independent clock HI-FI level Bluetooth playback.
  • Support mobile phone, tablet control APP playback in WIFI mode, and optimize HIFI performance based on Apple's AirPlay.

Flagship sound quality and positioning

  • The reference products in the mobile series of Soundaware sound
  • Digital and analogue are both over one generation than Soundaware existing flagship player.


  • Using the top COG material
  • Using a unified clock, all related modules are processed by the FPGA
  • The better ultra-high precision femtosecond clock than the D100 PRO femtosecond
  • The new FPGA algorithm, lower latency, especially the output IO jitter lower 9/10 than the D100 Pro
  • Using the clock, FPGA algorithms and optimization experience of Soundaware sound next generation referenced turntables
  • A substantial increase in the level of digital output, as well as Bluetooth
  • XMOS uses a globally unified, more accurate femtosecond clock
  • The use of innovative professional instrument-level mono mode dual DA
  • Heap symmetrical full-balanced DC decoding and headphone amplification system
  • Regardless of the indicators or performance have reached the top limits of the chip
  • Exclusive ultra-low distortion, physically adjustable output power full-balanced headphone amplifier circuit
  • 16-300 ohm load, distortion + noise are 0.0008x%

Like the desktop player, true native DSD and PCM playback

  • Support the amp, pure lineout and pure digital 3 kinds of independent output modes
  • 2 * 3 kinds of gain mode
  • It has high-end desktop player full-balanced XLR and full-balanced native IIS & DSD digital output.

More unique technology

  • MR1 unique SAW_Link expansion interface, only need a cable.
  • You can achieve balanced XLR and IIS & DSD digital output
  • Fully integrated with high-end desktop, desktop machine system
  • Reach the reference level of the digital, analogue output level
  • Using the same higher precision femtosecond clock based on FPGA and participating turntables
  • Exclusive HI-FI-class Bluetooth digital processing, support APTX and other Bluetooth standards
  • Based on Apple AirPlay optimization, lossless level of transmission
  • Discard AirPlay's default data shift volume control
  • Using Apple’s mouse volume design and MR1 volume control synchronization
  • Greatly guarantee the data integrity and HI-FI level sound quality

Using six-layer thicker PCB design

  • Strict professional audio, RF, high-speed lining principle
  • Strict ground segmentation and return control
  • The simulation and the key audio use a two-layer complete ground
  • Various modes can play the application of the playback level
  • Foxconn cooperated factory processing, the shell is used fully aerospace aluminium high-precision CNC technology to build
  • Other parts of the whole high-precision moulds, with really first-class workmanship and quality
  • Professional electronic product designer's design, with expression and speed

Extensive custom accessories and the battery can be replaced

  • Based on M1Pro firmware optimization, increase the same frequency seamless and more experience optimization

Accessories expansion pack:

  • Expansion box
  • SAW-Link Analog cable
  • SAW-Link Digital cable
  • 4 core 3.5mm  to 4 core full balanced XLR cable
  • 4 core 3.5mm to coaxial cable
  • Leather case


  • Material: Aviation aluminium
  • Size: 144mm * 72mm * 16mm
  • Weight: 240g
  • Display: Sharp IPS2.4 inches 400 * 360
  • Filter mode: fast roll-off / slow roll-off (different sound style)
  • Support channel: two channels
  • Dynamic ratio (XLR line): 113db
  • Background noise (XLR line): <135db

Digital output:

  • Differential IIS & DSD native output based on SAW_Link
  • (Compatible with 2.5 ~ 3.3V)
  • 0.5V p-p coaxial PCM & DSD (Dop) output

Line output:

  • Full Balance XLR: 2.6VRMS based on SAW_Link (THD + N: 0.00051% 20hz ~ 22khz 1khz 24bit, 48khz)
  • Based on 3.5 Line out output: 1.3VRMS (THD + N: 0.00075% 20hz ~ 22khz 1khz 24bit, 48khz)

Playback time (turn off the WIFI, turn off the display)

  • 1. Earphone output connected to an earphone
  • Normal mode use: 10 hours
  • 2. Headphone output connected to HD600 full balanced playback time
  • (44.1kz wav, HD600 full balanced normal listening volume)
  • Normal power consumption: 8.5 hours, High-performance mode: around 7 hours
  • 3. Turntable mode: 24 hours
  • 4. Lineout mode: between the normal power consumption and turntable mode

Charge time (2A): 3-4hours Shut down

  • Support capacity: 200G (measured) * 2, support FAT32, exact, NTFS
  • Bluetooth: support APTX and CSR current latest standards
  • USB DAC: 192 kHz & DSD64

Support format:

  • DSD: Supports DSD64 (ISO, DSF, DFF), does not support DST encoding
  • WAV: 32 kHz ~ 192KHZ
  • FLAC: 32 kHz ~ 192KHZ, compression level 1 ~ 8
  • APE: 32 kHz ~ 48KHZ, compression levels: lower than Extra High
  • ALAC: ≤48 kHz
  • AIFF: ≤48 kHz, conventional compression
  • AAC: ≤48 kHz, conventional compression
  • MP3: ≤48 kHz, conventional compression
  • Support ISO, CUE
  • Note: The above format only supports stereo music, 16 ~ 32bit (32bit only supports integer)
  • Later will add the same frequency seamless playback, and according to the needs to add other formats.


  • MR1
  • USB cable
  • 32G TF card
  • Protector


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